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Scheduled Activities for the 2018 Season

Sunday, June 24 -- Member and Guest Open House for prospective new members with courtside snacks (invited your tennis playing friends to check us out starting at 9:00).  This is a great opportunity to introduce the ATC to your friends who enjoy playing  social, drop-in tennis.  We will integrate your guests into our round robin play and provide a courtside brunch for everyone's enjoyment.

Sunday, July 8 -- Blind Draw Mixed Doubles Tournament Enter as an individual and teams will be determined by a random draw.  Watch for the email announcement with information to register.

Saturday and Sunday, August 11 and 12 -- The Tenth Annual Mixed Doubles Tournament. Enter as a team.  Watch for an email announcement with registration information.  We are returning to the Mixed Doubles format for this tournament.  There will be draws two levels:  Champions and Rising Stars.

Saturdays 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM July and August - Junior "Drills and Match Play" program run by our own ATC member Amit Lele.  This is a new program that Amit has volunteered to organize and run at no expense.  The time will be equally divided between drills and match play.  Participants must be part of an ATC Family Membership.  Registration will be required.  More details and sign-up instructions to follow.

Doubles Rotations

The goal of the rotation in the doubles sessions, primarily on Saturday and Sunday mornings, is to balance play based on the overall skill level of the participants.  The method of rotation is the winning team splits and moves one court towards the first court on the upper level (towards Route 28).  The winning team starting on Court 1 splits and remains on the court.  The losing team splits and moves one court in the opposite direction, towards the fenced paddle court at the end of the upper seven courts.  The losing team on the last court in use splits and stays on that court.

The volunteer coordinators will help with rotations particularly when people are leaving after the completion of a rotation and when there are players on the lower five courts.  But the general principle is that the winning team splits and moves toward Route 28 and the losing team splits and moves in the opposite direction.  Please understand that the volunteer coordinators are trying to create reasonably balanced groups of four players on each court for the benefit of all participants.  Please cooperate with the volunteer coordinators.

The rotation during the weekdays is a little less precise because there are generally fewer participants and a volunteer coordinator is not always present.  The goal is still to rotate after each half hour to balance play and allow participants to play a variety of opponents.

Competitive Doubles on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings

In addition to our standard play on the upper seven courts, we will have "Competitive Women's Doubles" during Tuesday evenings and "Competitive Men's Doubles" during Thursday evenings.  Lori Buseck will organize the women's matches and Norma Zhao the men's.    These competitions are for those players who are interested in more "serious" play.  Court assignments and matches will be made by Lori and Norman.  Matches will begin promptly at 6:00 PM.  We will provide sign-up information so please watch for the email.  Lori can be reached at and Norman can be reached at



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