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Revised May 2019

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Rules of Play 2019

 Regularly scheduled round robins and clinics have priority over any other tennis court usage including individually scheduled matches. 

Use of Courts - ATC members are permitted to use the twelve Varsity courts located between the new Snyder Field House and the varsity baseball field).  Please do NOT use any other courts. Unauthorized use of other courts or use of the courts at times other than those listed in this mailing MAY RESULT IN THE LOSS OF ATC PLAYING PRIVILEGES.  Please read the enclosed schedule carefully, since Phillips has weekend events and summer school sessions. 

All members must affix the ATC identification sticker (enclosed with this mailing) to or her tennis racquet.  The ATC sticker identifies you as an ATC member to other ATC members and to Phillips security personnel.  Members playing without racquet identification risk ejection from the courts as trespassers.  Players should wear tennis attire; no one shall play without a shirt. 

General Rules - For equitable allocation of playing time among all members, players are expected to adhere to the following rules:

  • When members are waiting for a court, players having completed two consecutive sets shall make room for those waiting.

  •  GUEST PRIVILEGES are intended for occasional out-of-town visitors of ATC members and cannot be extended to residents of Andover or contiguous communities. (For example: A weekly match with a non-member friend who lives in another town is not entitled to guest privileges.)

  •  Tennis clinics with the ATC professional Rob Maley and all other scheduled ATC events will have priority over any other tennis. 

  • Members are not allowed to bring tennis professionals or tennis instructors on to the Phillips Academy tennis courts.

Rules of Play for  Round Robins – The round robins are the foundation of the club’s activities. Each round robin generally has a volunteer coordinator who manages the rotations.  The coordinator is an ATC  member who facilitates play in order to make it enjoyable for everyone.    Please follow the direction of the coordinator.

These are the rules for the round robins:

  1. Please have a NEW CAN of BALLS with you when you come    to play; this is a shared responsibility of all ATC members.  Please do not take advantage of those members who are always ‘glad’ to open a new can.

  2. Rotation will occur approximately on the half hour (when the Phillips Academy bell rings)

  3. If you have opened a new can of balls, tplease leave them on the court when you rotate to another court.

  4. Please wait for points to be completed before trying to enter that court; do not walk on to the courts while a point is in progress for the safety of all players.

  5. Please be cautious with the placement of overhead shots when you are near an opponent at the net; please use caution, discretion and good sportsmanship.

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